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Child labour in Bhairab’s shoe factories

Making shoes is so easy a child can do it. That’s what I found out today while touring Bhairab’s shoe factories in the company of one of POPI’s programme officers, Mohammad Azad. The acrid smell of glue and burning rubber hit me straight away. Peering through the door of the first factory, I could just […]

Child labour in Bangladesh and how you can help

Child labour is a visible part of everyday life in Bangladesh. Children often work in jobs that are hidden from view, such as domestic work, which makes monitoring and regulation difficult. According to UNICEF Bangladesh has a workforce of 7.4 million children aged between 5 and 14. On average, children work 28 hours a week […]

MDGs 2015: Where do we stand?

The historic commitment made by world leaders in 2000 spoke of sparing “no effort to free our fellow men, women and children from misery, abject and dehumanising poverty”. It resulted in a stimulating framework of eight goals, to be achieved by a wide range of practical measures aimed at enabling populations across the globe to […]

How to get that all-important annual report right

September, since childhood the epitome of a new year and a fresh start, is now for me assessment month. As part of my freelance work for a major British funding organisation, I have just completed twelve organisational and financial assessments. To the uninitiated, that might not sound much, but in fact that entailed reading twelve […]